We’ve created a unique product – trusty and professional feed for crustaceans!

Mar 14, 2024

Discover the revolutionary innovation from Food4Future Technologies and InventionBio!

Together with InventionBio – a specialist in feed material production – we’ve produced a reliable feed for marine crustaceans. Our professional feed has been created from scratch and is used daily to feed our King Crabs.

1. What animals can be fed with our feed?


Our feed is ideal for all saltwater crustaceans raised in closed and semi-open systems, including crabs, shrimp, crayfish, lobsters, langoustines and carnivorous bottom-dwelling fish.

2. In what form is our feed?

For a long time, based on observations of the well-being and vitality of our crustaceans, the feed has been continuously improved to ultimately take the form of a semi-moist sinking pellet, which is ideal for feeding crustaceans.

3. Why is our feed the best?


Our feed:

  • has a perfectly balanced composition, rich in protein,
  • contains all the necessary nutrients for crustaceans,
  • provides support for the vitality and well-being of animals,
  • has been tested and confirmed with safety registration.

4. What are important ingredients in our feed?


Important ingredients in our feed include:

  • astaxanthin, allowing for proper coloration of animals,
  • a predominant amount of protein, enabling faster and proper growth of animals,
  • agar, which naturally occurs in the diet of these animals as it is found in seaweed,
  • a large amount of vitamins of natural origin, precisely from algae such as spirulina, laminaria, and rockweed.

5. What is our feed composed of?



  • fish meal
  • squid meal
  • soybean meal
  • corn meal
  • salmon oil
  • bladderwrack (seaweed)
  • laminaria
  • fermented post-extraction rapeseed meal
  • spirulina
  • astaxanthin
  • agar
  • propionic acid
  • calcium carbonate
  • glycerin


Analytical constituents:

  • crude protein – 51%
  • carbohydrates – 8.86%
  • crude fat – 8.68%
  • crude fiber – 2.6%
  • ash – 7.53%

6. How to store our feed?


The current formula allows the feed to be stored for a period of 3 months from the production date. The feed should be stored in a cool and dry place (below 22°C).

If you care for marine crustaceans, our feed will certainly be a great support for the vitality and well-being of your animals!

Thanks to our feed, our crabs are healthy, strong and vibrant and we are happy to share our product with you! Take care of their health and quality by choosing our innovative feed!

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