Multidimensional sign F4F

Apr 27, 2022

Our sign relates to the circular economy concept. F4F sign!

Presenting this process with a circle is insufficient. Therefore, a shape that can be presented in 3D space comes to the rescue.

Having a background in mathematics, a figure called ‘Lissajous Curve’ is the basis of our sign. The pattern is produced by the intersection of two sinusoidal curves the axes of which are at right angles to each other. It carries out harmonic vibrations in two mutually perpendicular directions, which permeate each other, has multiple points of intersection and activities on different levels that ultimately produce a consistent effect serving our planet.

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The F4F logo reflects our main goal which is to provide solutions for sustainable food production as a response to the major global challenges, such as climate change, global food security, increased competition for natural resources and limitations in farmlands.

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