What are the benefits of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)?

Sep 28, 2022

Production of meat and especially red meat is responsible for high greenhouse gases emission as well as massive water use. Unlike beef, farmed fish is one of the most resource-efficient proteins on the planet. How is it possible?

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) is the answer. RAS is the controlled cultivation of aquatic organisms such as fish, algae and shellfish in line with the circular economy concept. This technology requires no antibiotics, no pesticides and a minimum amount of water, being (re)used over and over again.
Check out the numbers from the comparison of farmed salmon and beef to understand how much of natural resources can be saved …


A comparison between farmed salmon and beef presents the highest contrast. However, it should not be forgotten that poultry and pork farming have lower, but still massive impact on water consumption, use of antibiotics, air pollution emission etc. Protein production based on overuse of resources has no future. It’s a fact regardless of our diet preferences, simply because we can’t afford it not only financially but also considering our health or land availability.

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Another very important aspect from a health and development perspective is the use of antibiotics. When it comes to fish farming, the value is only a fraction of a percentage compared to poultry, pork or beef.  It is worth noting, as shown in the table below, that beef production requires the highest use of antibiotics, concerning almost 50% of cases/livestock?  almost 50% of the antibiotics.


What do consumers think about it? Are they aware of the issue? The study conducted was based on one simple question asked among people living in European countries. “What do you expect will replace your red meat consumption over the next year?” The results can be found below. They are quite evenly split between countries. What would be your answer?

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

Regardless of the country at least 40% of responders are in favour of white fish, salmon or other types of protein e.g. seafood as a replacement for red meat. This European tendency provides a promising opportunity for RAS as a modern and sustainable way of farming. The future is in our hands and it belongs to RAS.

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